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Ear piercing gun

Yes! We pierce children's ear lobes!

We offer a safe, professional and clean alternative than to have them done with a "piercing gun".

We will not pierce any child under 7 years old, as we are big on consent and caring for a piercing is usually more involved than you might think. Even if your child is over 7 years old, that does not mean we will pierce them. We require a consultation (ages 7-10) with the child to see if we feel comfortable/safe piercing them and to make sure they are ready for the piercing. This is also for the piercer's safety with equipment and a properly done piercing. The consultation is included in the Minor's Ear Piercing appointment time already which is why it is an hour long. Please do not book a consultation appointment separately unless you do not plan to do the piercing same day. With that being said, we have refused children that are 10 years old but gladly pierced a 7 year old. The piercer will base everything off the individual child.  Be sure your child will not be swimming for at least 2-3 months during healing after receiving a piercing, and check that all school gym classes or sports will allow earrings to remain in place. They should not be removed until well healed. Due to risks with new piercings and swimming, we do not pierce children under 13 over the Summer. We will change the age range in September (please do not book until it states the correct age).  Continue reading below for more info!


You are responsible for bringing the correct documents and following shop policies that are listed. Please include child's name and age when booking or appointment will be declined. Service fees are not refunded if you do not bring the correct photo ID's and documents. These will be copied for use on the consent form. Please do not bring a group or other unsupervised children.

If you didn't already know, piercing guns aren't suitable for ANY piercing, ear lobes included for the following reasons:

They CAN NOT be sterilized properly. So cross contamination is highly likely. Sure they change the cartridge, but blood spores will still end up on the gun itself, which will contaminate the next cartridge. 

They use the "pointy" jewelry to pierce the ear. This causes excessive trauma to the piercing, more pain and excess scarring. We use single use hollow piercing needles which are VERY sharp. Think of it as the difference between getting cut with a dull knife vs scalpel. Obviously the dull knife is going to hurt more. 

The jewelry is NOT implant grade and is a "one size fits all" style. So a lot of people have reactions to the jewelry because it's generally sterling silver, or a gold plated jewelry which we have no clue what is under that plating. With it being a "one size fits all", we have personally seen where people have over swelled the jewelry and it becomes stuck in the child's ear, resulting in a visit to the hospital where a doctor had to surgically remove the jewelry from the ear.


There has also been many times where the gun has jammed or broken while in use. 

Generally the people using these piercing "guns" aren't properly trained. In most cases, if they get the piercing through a dot on cardboard, they are immediately released to the public!! 

Don't just take it from us, there are many articles on the subject. Start HERE, HERE and HERE. Though there are many more articles and even videos of problems due to having your ears pierced with a gun. 

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