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Here at Modern Ethos Piercing & Fine Jewelry, we take cleanliness very seriously!


Everyone at the studio is trained in blood borne pathogens, sterilization, infection control/prevention practices, first aid and CPR. We use sterile gloves for every piercing procedure. All of the items used during your piercing are sterilized right before you, in our immediate use autoclave (sterilizer).

In order for items to be successfully sterilized, an autoclave uses a combination of time, temperature, and pressure to kill all microorganisms. 

We include a class 5 integrator with each cycle to ensure that sterilization was successful for items we use during your piercing procedure. Integrators are single use monitors used in a autoclave (sterilizer) to make sure the proper time, temperature, and pressure were achieved for sterilization. Below you will see an example of these integrators. *Take note of the FAIL and PASS sections.* In order for a sterilization cycle to be complete the black line has to reach the PASS section. The first one you can see is blank, while the second one stays in the FAIL section which indicates that sterilization cycle wasn't completely properly. The last one you can see that the black line has reached the PASS section, indicating sterilization was successful. 

We will have you initial the indicator that is used for your piercing's sterilization cycle and have you confirm that sterilization was completed before we pierce you. 

Any instruments that are reused on clients are put into a enzymatic tool immersion soak. From there they are transported to the biohazard/sterilization room. The equipment is then scrubbed manually underwater with an enzymatic solution. They are then rinsed and dried, then put into an ultra sonic cleaner with an enzymatic solution, for at least 30 minutes. From there they are rinsed and dried again.  The tools are then sterilized, and put into clean holding containers until they are needed for your piercing. Then they are placed in the autoclave with your brand new needle and new jewelry, along with your initialed integrator. 

Spore Testing

Spore testing also known as biological testing, is a test performed on an autoclave (sterilization machine) to ensure the machine is in proper working order. Active spores are placed and run through a regular cycle of the machine. The test is sent out to an independent laboratory. The test is then incubated at an ideal environment for 48 hours to see if all spores were effectively terminated. Spore testing should be done at a minimum of once monthly, though for similar practices and industries it is required in Pennsylvania to do so weekly on each machine. We keep every test result available in our studio that we receive from this outside laboratory, and we test weekly. In PA there are very few guidelines or regulations for our industry - period. SCARY! The only law that exists in PA as a whole for piercing is that one can not pierce a minor (a person under 18) without parental consent!! 

Make sure the studio you go to uses an auto clave and has it tested! Do not be afraid to ask to see the test results, as they should be filed at the studio.

Below is an example of one of our spore test results. You'll see that it shows the autoclave that was tested as well as the result of the test, company name, etc. Feel free to ask to see these results, as we keep the year's results available. 

No matter where you choose to get your piercings done, ask to see the studio's spore test results! If they can't show you any evidence of spore testing or their test results, LEAVE!

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