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Sadly there are no jewelry regulations in Pennsylvania or most of the USA! California set the bar in the USA by banning gems with a certain percent of lead content, which most of Europe banned these over a decade ago!! 

All jewelry used at our studio is made in the USA, aside from some jewelry we purchase from Canada. All jewelry is ASTM approved implant f-136 6AL-4V-ELI titanium.


Some of our companies include: Anatometal, Neometal, Industrial Strength, Intrinsic, Leroi, Zadamer, Body Gems, BVLA, Junipurr, Gorilla Glass, Tether, Diablo Organics, Oracle Body Jewelry, Maya, & more!!


All gems are Swarovski gems! The closest you'll get to a real gem, without the high price tag! Though of course we can get genuine gems on request and even carry a few on hand!! From diamonds, emeralds to rubies and more! We can get it all! Want something custom made from a design you have in your mind or on paper?! No Problem! Bring in your ideas and we can have your ideas come to life through jewelry!

Other materials we use would be Niobium (which is elemental so no ASTM rating is needed), 14k solid gold or higher. With white gold we use only companies that alloy with palladium appose to nickel to obtain the white coloring in the gold. 

Both titanium and niobium are reactive metals, and can be anodized from the natural 'metal' look to a different color! It's a cool process that can really customize any piece. Ask about anodizing services when you visit!

We also will use clear lead free borosilicate glass for a cheaper alternative when you're stretching or to help hide those piercings from family, friends and employers. Glass is super light weight and can be manipulated to make some amazing colors and designs!


All of our titanium and niobium jewelry comes with a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE from manufacturer defects, meaning if something happens on the manufacturer's end, bring the jewelry back and we will replace it for FREE as long as you own it! 

Our gold jewelry comes with a year guarantee from manufacturer defects!! As gold is quite soft, over time you can loose gems. Though fear not, because if you do loose a gem in your gold piece, just bring it in and we can fix it for you!

These guarantees do NOT cover lost or misplaced jewelry. All jewelry sales are final. 

External vs Internal threading
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