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Health & Safety amidst COVID-19

Modern Ethos will be temporarily closed. All appointments will be rescheduled to a later date beyond the statewide closure on non essential businesses. We are watching events closely.

Thank you to all clients that have already canceled or rescheduled! Despite our regular protocols in sterilization and disinfection, we are always in close proximity to clients, which does not eliminate the potential contamination. It would be unwise to assume studios are utterly safe spaces.

Supplies necessary for the studio's clean operation are also in high demand. Without proper conservation of supplies, remaining open could result in loss of those items without the ability to restock them. This is for our health and safety, as well as yours as case numbers continue to rise. We are non essential, and feel it is our duty to continue to have the safest practices possible - even if it means closing to cut risks.

We know that many will be disappointed as we have had an influx of clients attempting to schedule. We appreciate your understanding! Please give us time to respond to all messages. You may still contact us via email or website with any questions, concerns, or emergencies.

email directly:

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