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Yellow Phase; What it means for you & ME

Now that our state prepares to reopen, our county is moving into the yellow phase of Gov. Wolf's plans. As this is big news for us all, we are now preparing our own studio's reopening protocols. Our industry is considered a part of salons/spas, and we are unable to open until the Green phase. The protocols we will be using are state, local, CDC, OSHA, and APP influenced guidelines.

We will be by appointment only, even for jewelry sales, without any walk-ins whatsoever. We will keep normal hours. We will confirm you're healthy enough to enter the studio, we may ask to agree to health related questions, and you must wear a mask. Upon entering, we will ask that you wash your hands before we start. There will be no companions allowed with exception to minor's or those with health conditions. We may not offer all piercings at this time - such as any that would be covered by your mask. Those picking up Jewelry or Aftercare, may pay ahead online and pickup curbside. We ask that others consider card use over cash.

As things progress and we are able to monitor the situation, we will start to lift remaining restrictions. Please feel free to message or email with problems or questions while we remain closed!

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