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What's been new in 2022?

What is new in 2022!

Here we are with a new year half way done and it finally feels like things are settling down after the longest 2 years of any of our lives! No doubt things have changed for you and everyone you know, but businesses have definitely carried a heavy weight throughout the pandemic. Some things are still impacted in our day to day such as wait times, supply shortages, and of course the rising costs of all of the supplies we use. Most people wouldn’t assume that the body piercing industry would have such trials, but we aren’t immune to shipping issues, material availability, staffing, etc. as any other industry. Especially as a niche-industry. With all of that said, we weathered the storm and have been back open since July 2020 after the shutdowns, busy as ever!

We have made it a priority to keep the website constantly updated for studio policies, Covid restrictions, and requirements with all of the uncertainty everyone was met with. Some of these things have changed with the pandemic and case numbers (like masking requirements), while other changes are here to stay. Moving to appointment-only had already slowly begun before the shutdowns, but has been a blessing moving forward with the help of our online scheduling system thanks to Square where you can pick a service with details explained, book the appointment with a LIVE calendar (even when the studio is closed), and get reminders to help make sure you are in the loop. We have had a lot of great feedback about this move! SO what is next for the studio? What can you expect in the future from Modern Ethos?

As mentioned we will stay appointment-only for all services and visitors to the studio with hours Tuesday through Saturday 12-7pm. The end of each night we have worked in the ability to fit in ‘emergency’ jewelry changes or checkups for things that can’t necessarily wait, while allowing our small staff to try and maintain their lives outside of the studio too. This allows us to truly cater to you in a more relaxed space without rushing you through decisions or the procedure. This is wonderful for the piercer, too! The biggest complaint we hear is piercer’s not going over necessary information for caring for your piercings, what to expect, or any future jewelry considerations. We are full service at Modern Ethos LLC. Our calendar will continue to be user friendly for booking or canceling your own appointments, and allow scheduling up to 8 weeks in advance. After having to reschedule over 3 months of appointments in 2020, we feel this is a comfortable time frame. Many piercings require maintenance after so many weeks from the piercing being performed, and this also works well for the 2 month booking system. We will still require service payments for your appointment which is part of our 6 hour cancelation policy, which is outlined in several spaces on the website and our faithful FAQ page. You are able to move an appointment if you have a scheduling conflict via the link sent to you as text or email, as long as it is 6 hours or more before the original appointment time. We opened up for other options such as a consultation to talk things over before scheduling your big day, checkups in case something isn’t going as planned (or maybe it is and you need an adjustment), and shopping appointments for those that know what they need and want a quick spot. We were able to do most of the adjustments to our system without significantly raising prices, and while still keeping a great flow of new jewelry selections! Turn around times seem to be picking up for jewelry orders which means we can open up our custom ordering again. We will now place custom orders once a month, but inquiries and price quotes happen daily.

Lastly, we will be slowly starting some upgrades and renovations this year (hopefully). For organization and cleanliness, as well as another piercing room and storage space. Currently the studio works on 1-2 appointments at a time with a staff of 2 (one of which is our piercer), so we are hoping to be able to help more customers each day once these renovations are completed. You may see some of the studio closed off and in order for these projects to take place we may yet need to make adjustments to our schedule. We promise to keep it posted on our website while posting social media updates as well. Most people aren’t aware that the building we are currently in has been up for sale the majority of the time we have been here. This kept us from being able to make changes to the space in the past, so we became ‘stuck’ unless we wanted to start over from scratch. Our piecer has long awaited becoming an APP member ( and these changes to the studio are necessary to make that happen as a whole! There are specific requirements to everything from jewelry to studio layout, and we are hoping to put this final touch to things after 5 years. The building is also due for a much needed face lift out front after all of the changes that have come to downtown New Cumberland’s revitalization as a whole and the building sale. We are proud to have been here before many of the businesses around the downtown square opened and we are now seeing progress around the rest of the area – from upgraded buildings, the reopening of the new/old movie theatre next door, community projects, new restaurants, and other new businesses moving to this newly artsy area. We plan to get back to an all-around good flow again for 2023, which will be here before you know it!

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