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Rollin' out the News page after 2 successful years!

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Thank you for keeping us busy! We want to be even more accessible to you whether you are a social media user or not!

Please continue reading below!

Blogs and social media have become the main platform for getting information and seeing samples of work by body piercers or jewelry around the world, which can help in your decision making for your adornment! While most of our regular photo posts of recent work will remain on those platforms as we regularly post photos of new jewelry and piercings, we will still add new piercing photos here to our gallery page and jewelry photos to our jewelry gallery from time to time, but we will introduce new happenings and events around the studio where we can be a little more in depth.

Should there be an event for our local community in New Cumberland, upcoming sales, fantastic new jewelry pieces being added to our inventory, fun info about the body piercing industry (which will eventually include a bit of history), or even just blog style info about things such as aftercare, this is where we will have a better ability to showcase that to our customers. We hope to also bring you videos in the near future as we love giving out information about everything that we do, and sometimes a visual can be more fun!

Don't forget that all of the information you would need before coming to our studio is located on the FAQ and Contact pages. If you are looking to have your child's lobe piercings done, please be sure to read the Ear Piercing page prior to scheduling your appointment. We off body piercing procedures by appointment as we have been busier and busier each month - ALL THANKS TO OUR AMAZING CLIENTS!!!!

Hope to pierce ya soon!

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